Strategic Thinking & Execution Planning

Strategic Thinking & Execution Planning

The word “strategy” comes from the Greek meaning “from the general’s point of view”. The general sat on the hill to see the field of battle and BEYOND – a storm, re-enforcements, or the approaching enemy. This “strategic” view allowed him to see the smartest way to reach his objective making the best use of resources and advantages.

Business leaders who think strategically and execute accordingly leverage their assets and out perform the market.

Strategic thinking and the plan that emerges, allow an executive team to make the smartest choices given their particular objectives, resources and advantages.  When the thinking is strategic, the actions and tactics are smarter.

Strategic thinking and execution planning are not events, but a philosophy for leading a company that says:
Our company has a purpose and values that inform how we do business.  We drive our company based on a high level view of our marketplace, our industry and beyond.  We understand and leverage our core competencies.  We know our core customer and our differentiated offering, growing value for our customer, our employees and our shareholders.  We have catalytic priorities for the year and the quarter while avoiding the trap of the comfortable, affordable, same old same old “to do list”.  

If is the kind of company you want, then let us help you get there.

We work with our clients on a regular basis (quarterly and monthly) to support them to be strategic, nimble and accountable for the execution of their vision.

We help clients grow their bottom lines and their satisfaction in the work they do.

Orchard Advisors works with CEO’s and leaders to think smartly, plan strategically, and execute effectively.  We bring fresh approaches to the table, including the powerful approach – the One Page Strategic Plan developed by Verne Harnish, in his book Mastering the Rockefeller Habits and now updated in Scaling Up. Elizabeth Crook was one of the first 25 Certified Gazelles Coaches world-wide.

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