Personal Strategic Planning

Personal Strategic Planning

Is a Personal Strategist Right For You?

Are you accomplished? Had a successful career? Known what you wanted…but now you want to explore other options and opportunities?

There comes a time when a smart successful person like you wants to pause and consider what could be next in your life.

You want to leverage the experience and savvy you’ve accumulated, And now put it together in a fresh and exciting way.

You’ve changed, your circumstances have changed and what used to “fit” doesn’t anymore.  You may feel you’ve been wearing the same clothes for the past decade and want something new, but are reluctant to get rid of your favorites

At this stage in your life, you won’t settle for an “off the rack” solution, but want something that is custom tailored just for you.

You may feel excited or overwhelmed or both.

You don’t have the answers YET, but seek some way to discover them and create an approach that will help you make them a reality.


That’s where Elizabeth Crook steps in!
Elizabeth Crook is an accomplished strategist and “thinking partner” helping people and organizations do what they have never done before.   As a strategist she connects the big picture to daily actions and understands that success requires both.

For over twenty years, Elizabeth has worked with CEO’s, professionals, philanthropists, business owners and executives to clarify what they most deeply want to create in their lives and develop a plan to get there.

Clients praise her keen insight, compassion, sense of humor and practicality.

She helps clients build a new future for themselves through deep insights into who they really are and who they want to be in all areas of their life.    She helps them discern the  qualities – that special genius – that are an essential part of who they are as well as the those beliefs and practices that no longer serve the “new person” who is emerging.

Offerings (What’ Possible?)
Every client is unique and looks for different results and levels of engagement.  Elizabeth works with each client to address their particular situation.

New Direction
Those seeking a new direction commit to a 1 ½ – 2-day intensive discovery and planning session with Elizabeth.  Once completed, both the client and Elizabeth have profound clarity and a shared understanding of the issues, and insights about possibilities and solutions that will best serve the client going forward.

Who Are You and Who Do You Want to Be? 1 ½ – 2 days

  • Re-Discover Who You Are
  • Create the Context for Decision-Making
  • Define Your Criteria
  • Discern Your Roles
  • Commit to Your Outcomes
  • Develop a plan

Support for Staying on Track
Monthly calls and support for 6-12 months.  These are structured according to your needs.  Many clients like the rhythm of a regular check-in, while others prefer more “as needed” access.

Thinking Partner
Elizabeth has a talent for deep listening combined with results driven solutions.  Many clients work with Elizabeth on a regular, or periodic basis, to help clarify and develop their options for dealing with both professional and personal situations.  She can address both through:

  • Opportunity assessment
  • Difficult conversations
  • Strategic decisions
  • Negotiations
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Action sequencing

Ready to get started with a personal strategist? Email us to learn more.