In our clients' words...

Tom Stephenson 2015
"Elizabeth has worked my me now in two different companies. She has always been responsive to our needs and flexible in leading us in our strategic planning. She guides us through the process effectively and holds me accountable to follow through on our periodic check points and follow up sessions. It's very easy to get off course and Elizabeth helps me keep my team on task and pointed in the right direction."

- Tom Stephenson, President, Amplion Clinical Communications – Nashville, TN

"Even though Elizabeth is a smart and powerful person, she is able to channel all of that into our issues. She is perceptive and has excellent knowledge of business. When her focus and her talent come together on our behalf, the results are always worthwhile. She is part of our team."

- Jeff Gould, Chief Strategy Officer, Amplion Clinical Communications – Nashville, TN

Beth Gebhard
"Working with Elizabeth has been tremendously enlightening, empowering, and encouraging. (How's that for alliteration!)  She is gifted with intuition and savvy, putting the pieces together to help people identify their strengths, weaknesses, goals and vision for themselves and their business."

- Beth Gebhard, Co-Founder, Choice Media & Communications – Nashville, TN

"Orchard Advisors has become a vital part of our Team, helping us understand our full potential as a business and guiding us through strategic planning to reach it.  As a 68 year old company, much of the change that has continued to make us successful can be traced to our partnership with them."

- John Arndt, President & CEO, DWC Construction Company – Nashville, TN

Mark D - small
"Orchard Advisors has been a valuable asset to me and my management team, and has worked with me through both the challenges and the triumphs.  Through strategic planning for my team, one-on-one sessions with me, and regular, solid support, I have a profitable company and a balanced life, which says a lot for their skillful coaching."

- Mark Deutschmann, Owner, Village Real Estate Services – Nashville, TN

Arnie Malham - small
"There are urgent things and there are important things. For our organization, our work with Orchard Advisors is the most important work we do.  Their consulting gives us clarity of vision, alignment on goals, and focus on results.  We simply can't afford not to have them."

- Arnie Malham, CEO, cj Advertising – Nashville, TN

Joel Solomon
"Our Orchard led strategic planning has been the fuel for over a decade of profound organizational direction and impact.  Strategic planning with Orchard is fun, engaging and empowering.  The process provides systematic understanding of the elements for success, while building a stronger narrative for the business, better cohesion amongst staff, and a keen awareness of priorities."

- Joel Solomon, CEO, Renewal Partners – Vancouver, BC, Canada

Lauren Bacon - small
"Orchard has helped us go deeper, think bigger, and ground our vision in reality. Our company is growing by leaps and bounds, and the growth feels sustainable because we have a solid plan."

- Lauren Bacon, Co-Founder, Raised Eyebrow Web Studio – Vancouver, BC, Canada