Team Alignment & Accountability

Team Alignment & Accountability

An effective process for creating a strategic plan nurtures team alignment — yet there are other elements in play.

  • Trust – I use a variety of tools including DiSC ™ and Pat Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of Teams to build teams that can have the hard conversations when necessary. From those conversations comes commitment and accountability, leading to results.
  • Priorities – Represent those actions that will be catalytic for the business. There is power in agreement.
  • Metrics – Answer the question, “How will we know we are making progress?” They are essential for accountability.
  • Communications – I will help you establish communication rhythms to keep what’s critical on everyone’s “front burner.” Communication rhythms keep people on the same page through the course of a day, week or quarter. They are essential for the company that strives to be nimble and accountable.

Together, we decide what you need now. I meet with most of my clients face to face at least quarterly, with a monthly phone/SKYPE call, but our meeting times are dictated by YOUR needs.

My goal is to help the right people do the right things right!

Contact me to discuss what your team needs.