Strategic Advisor/Coach to CEO’s

Strategic Advisor/Coach to CEO’s

Your leadership team may be great.
Your CEO-forum may be full of experience.
Your board members may be seasoned advisors.
Yet sometimes you want someone else.

My clients look to me when they want to clarify their thinking, identify options, create a plan or script for that difficult conversation, get unstuck, and achieve results. They want someone who really understands the background — out of which the true situation emerges, and the reality into which a solution must fit.

As a Strategic Advisor, I’m always on your side serving as a sounding board, a creator of fresh perspective and a skilled thinking partner and problem solver. The sorts of situations that I help clients with are varied. Here are some examples:

  • You and your business partner are having “issues”
  • A member of your leadership team has been difficult to deal with lately
  • A big client is creating stress for you or your staff
  • You’re thinking about reorganizing a department, but are concerned about how to position it and engage those affected

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