Elizabeth Crook – CEO & Founder

My clients value the insight, skill, authenticity, and ability to ask the hard questions gently, that I bring to each interaction. They count on me as a skilled business strategist — the go-to person for those “what do we do with this” moments. I use my gift for making sense of complex situations, so that creative and practical approaches emerge.

I help companies grow their profitability and create the strong cultures that fuel continued success in a number of sectors, including business and professional services, manufacturing /distribution, technology, real estate, financial services, construction, and healthcare. Before founding Orchard Advisors, my reputation as someone with “a record of success doing things that had never been done before, created opportunities to drive grown in new markets as an executive in the US and Latin America.

I have also devoted over a decade of creative work as a personal strategist and thinking partner to successful individuals who want to explore the next phase of their life and leadership, which is the basis for my book Live Large: The Achiever’s Guide to What’s Next.

I love what I do, and would do it even if I won the lottery tomorrow — although I must admit to buying the occasional ticket when the jackpot is over $100M. My credentials include a BA from Vanderbilt University, MS from Tennessee State University, 15 years as a Certified Gazelles Coach, Master of the Technology of Participation, and more. Among my proudest accomplishments are having two wonderful adult children, raising venture capital, becoming fluent in Spanish after 30, and taking up downhill skiing after 50.

What I Do

As a strategic advisor, I work with CEOs and business owners of small to mid-sized companies, entrepreneurs, CEOs, leaders, connectors, and people making a difference for their clients and their communities.

I believe that business is a force for positive change and that business success contributes to the economic vitality of a community, and beyond.

As I work with you and your team, I will:

  • Listen deeply
  • Elicit your best thinking
  • Ask the right questions
  • Facilitate challenging conversations
  • Find the bright spots
  • Gain consensus and alignment
  • Use fresh approaches
  • Honor confidentiality
  • GET RESULTS – that’s the bottom line

I would love to chat with you about creating a custom offering. You can review some of the Services I offer here or email me to arrange a time to discuss your situation.