how we can help you thrive

how we can help you thrive

I help individuals & companies thrive – growing profitability, value, and satisfaction. You know your business. I know how to help you leverage your knowledge and experience to get results.

    This includes:

  • Developing growth plans that provide flexibility and discipline
  • Facilitating alignment and accountability
  • Fostering strong leadership
  • Collaborating with investment bankers and venture capitalists to increase EBITDA, valuation, and manageability prior to sale or capital raise

Areas of Expertise

Strategic Thinking & Execution Planning
Business leaders who think strategically, and execute accordingly, leverage their assets and out-perform the market. I work with my clients on monthly and quarterly to create plans for their business to support their being strategic, nimble, and accountable for execution.

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Team Alignment & Accountability
Successful companies require high functioning teams and that means getting people on the same page. That calls for building the team based on trust and accountability, identifying clear agreed-upon priorities, establishing metrics, and using communications processes that keep the whole company rowing in the same direction.

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Strategic Advisor/Coach to CEO’s
Executive coaching is unique for each leader. It is an experiential process that builds a leader’s capability to achieve short- and long-term organizational goals. We create a coaching plan together, based on the needs of the executive and the organization, set goals accordingly, and establish check points to measure and ensure progress.

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Design and Facilitation of Retreats and Meetings
Whether it’s your leadership team, your advisory board, a company-wide meeting, or a department problem-solving session — I would love to help you create an engaging and productive experience.

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Personal Strategic Planning
Are you accomplished? Had a successful career? Known what you wanted — but now you want to explore other options and opportunities? Or have you successfully exited your company and aren’t sure how to discern and define the impact you want to make and the role you want to play?

There comes a time when a smart, successful person like you wants to pause and consider what could be next in your life. You want to leverage the experience and savvy you’ve accumulated — and now put it together in a fresh and exciting way.

Working with people looking for clarity and meaning is a passion. It’s what lead me to write Live Large: The Achiever’s Guide to What’s Next.

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