Double Down on Training to Help Your Team Succeed

Double Down on Training to Help Your Team Succeed

Last year, Inc. Magazine published an article called, 6 Reasons Over-Investing in Training Will Make You Millionsencouraging CEOs to ‘invest more in training your team.’ Below is an excerpt from the article:

Invest more in training your team now. Times are tough. Everyone is looking for a way to shear costs so we can make the next payroll or afford the next rent check. There are many ways to wield your meat cleaver to cut the fat in your organization. Don’t cut training.

Despite conventional wisdom, doubling down on training right now will help your team accomplish tasks and succeed. This rare strategy will generate millions in profits, positioning your company to thrive. At my company, we invest 8 percent to 10 percent of employee salaries on training. This is a huge investment in the middle of uncertain times; however, this will make our prospects certain, because we will have the best talent in the industry. Their artful handling of tasks will be superior to our formidable competition, so we will accomplish missions that no other can. Our talent will make better-quality product faster than all others. Because my team is so well trained, they make fewer rookie mistakes and we have less scrap and wheel-spinning. Clients are more likely to be delighted with our performance, so they will send us more business. This extra revenue leads to more profit and in our case–more training. Training initiates a positive, virtuous cycle. Here are the six reasons why over-investing in training will make you prosper

–  Drew Greenblatt, President, Marlin Steel, @steelwire

Do you find yourself searching for training programs to engage and stretch your staff? Are you ready to invest in staff development but dread the additional costs of travel, accommodations, and the lost productivity due to your key players being away? Do you want the training faculty to include top business leaders of our time such as Tony Hsieh, Malcolm Gladwell, Seth Godin, Pat Lencioni and many more? Are you and your team looking to learn from experts on Closing Sales, Marketing, Creating Leaders, Productivity, Increasing Profits, Teamwork, Branding, Negotiations, and various other experts to solve your business needs?

Recently, Orchard Advisors has partnered with the Gazelles Growth Institute to help support Orchard friends and clients with their continued education. Below is a video introducing the Growth Institute Executive Education program.

Maximize the lifelong learning of you and your leadership team while minimizing the time and money spent on attending courses and training sessions.

As a client or friend of Orchard Advisors, you automatically qualify for a special discount to access Growth Institute’s Online Executive Education Program. Start your Online Training Today with a 20% Discount!

Not ready to commit to the full program? Check out the Growth Institute’s Learning Wednesdays, FREE monthly course viewings. This is a great introduction into the Growth Institute’s Executive Education program.

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

– William Butler Yeats

By Elizabeth Crook

President of Orchard Advisors, Certified Gazelles Coach, works with executives and management teams to grow profitability and satisfaction.

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