Did the Video Make You Laugh or Cry?

Did the Video Make You Laugh or Cry?

If you haven’t seen the video, GO WATCH IT:  Laugh or Cry?

It made me laugh because it exaggerates characters I have known.

The guy who has all the buzzwords – so many they become meaningless?
The meeting maven – that’s all she can do?
The woman who is gathering more and more data, but for what purpose?
The guy who is just afraid to take action – any action.  He’s so risk averse, he’s paralyzed.

What makes me cry, usually in frustration, is I can recognize myself in one or more of the roles.
Is it possible that . . .

  • I am the CEO hoping my people will get it?
  • I am the enthusiastic one who wants to look and sound like I’m in the know?
  • I want to be the adventurous contrarian – spending money and knocking down walls – anything to shift the status quo!
  • I am the person who loves to gather data, but gets lost in what the data will help me do?
  • I procrastinate or hesitate preferring to do nothing rather than risk doing the wrong thing?
  • I am the person who wants to meet and discuss everything?

What this points out is what the sages have always said:
Our greatest strength taken to extremes becomes our greatest weaknesstian xiao cheng.

As a CEO myself, and one who has worked with many CEO’s and executive teams, I believe that most people WANT to do a good job.   When talented people don’t have clarity, they will invent what they believe they should do.  As leaders, our best shot at achieving success is to help our team get clear about what the path to success looks like.

By Elizabeth Crook

President of Orchard Advisors, Certified Gazelles Coach, works with executives and management teams to grow profitability and satisfaction.

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